Executive coaching

How to rise to the challenge of a new, more senior position in your company, maybe even the top job?

How to exert your leadership and authority, how to make your mark with your new team, your new boss? How to navigate within this new environment or business entity...?

How to enhance the performance of your team? How do you work together today? Are you all clear on roles and responsibilities? What about your own management style?

How to improve relationships with certain colleagues in the company, so that things get done more smoothly, easily?

As HR Director, how best to help particular individuals in their professional development (cultural fit, inter-personal relations, communication, etc….)?

Executive Coaching specialises in coaching leaders and company executives – executive coaching – on a whole range of issues such as these, aimed essentially at helping people to fully contribute in their role.

Set up by Greg Barrowcliff, the firm draws on the experience and skills of the Praesta team of 6 other seasoned and multicultural coachs. Collectively, we can coach in English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish.

Working out of offices in Paris and Lyon we also travel to coach abroad, or can source other experienced coachs for you internationally should the need arise.

Our approach

Step back

Encouraging you to take a step back, for you to see as objectively as possible how you do things today… and why?

Open your mind

Opening your mind to the way others in the past have thought and acted, supplemented by more recent findings from management theory, psychology and philosophy.

What’s your impact?

With a shared understanding of the impact of your actions and your style, challenging you to find different, more profitable paths to achieving what you want.

New behaviours

And with a benevolent eye, holding you to your word and supporting you as you try out your new behaviours in your work environment.

In short, a challenging, non-judgemental sounding board by seasoned coachs who themselves have previous experience of senior roles in business.

About coaching

Coaching, dating back to the Ancient Greeks, is now a worldwide phenomenon.

Re-introduced into the West in more sophisticated forms over the last 20 years, professional coaching is now a $2 billion a year industry, which brings significant results.

There have been important recent advances in professionalising the practice of coaching – using evidence-based, published research – to ensure clients are in the hands of trained professionals, most notably:
‘’Coaching works !’’

  • Satisfaction
    82% of "very satisfied" professional coaching clients
  • Self-confidence
    80% of clients reporting improved self-confidence
  • Work performance
    70% of clients reporting improved work performance
  • Return on investment
    86% of companies reporting at least a 100% return on investment

International Coach Federation 2009 survey of 2,165 coaching clients from 64 countries




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